BI has hit the wall

April 26, 2011 by

Editor’s Note: While VISAGE rebranded to VERDAZO in April 2016, we haven’t changed the VISAGE name in our previous blog posts. We’re proud of our decade of work as VISAGE and that lives on within these blogs. Enjoy.

My favourite blogger in the BI industry is Stephen Few, founder of Perceptual Edge. With 25 years of experience as an innovator, consultant, and an educator in the fields of business intelligence and information design, he is a leading expert in data visualization for data sense-making and communication. You can read more about Stephen at What I admire the most about Stephen’s writing is that he’s a straight shooter, with clear points and an honest critique. One of my favourite blog posts, and one that is relevant for Energy producers is “BI has hit the wall” which is focused around the image below. The problem that Stephen speaks to is prevalent in many offices in Calgary where “…the BI industry still focuses on collecting, cleaning, transforming, integrating, storing, and reporting data, but the activities that actually make sense of information and use it to support better decisions have remained behind a wall that they’ve failed to scale and have never seriously tried to scale. For data to be useful, we must explore it, analyse it, communicate it, monitor it, and use it … To use the data that we’ve amassed, a human-centric, design-oriented perspective and skill set is needed… The software vendors that are providing effective data sensemaking solutions – those that make it possible to work in the realm of analytics on the right side of the wall – have come from outside the traditional BI marketplace.”

Thank you Stephen few for so clearly articulating the need for BI (and visual analytics) to reinvent itself for the end users.