A decade of innovation: from VISAGE to VERDAZO

April 6, 2016 by

VISAGE has rebranded to VERDAZO. See the press release.

How We Got Started

Some technologies are designed to disrupt.

Ours was designed to do the opposite.

When we founded Visage Information Solutions as a two-person shop in 2006, it wasn’t because of a desire to render another technology obsolete or upend established systems in the Oil & Gas industry. It was to create visual data analytics software that could help everyone make smarter, faster decisions with the datasets they were already using.

We knew there were frustrations for many business users who often spent hours a day just gathering data (before they could even start to analyze it). There was a clear unmet need.

Still, we were pleasantly surprised how quickly VISAGE struck a chord with our users. When they saw the analytic capabilities it contained, and how quickly it could make a difference in their day-to-day work, they jumped onboard.

The Growth Years

With each passing year as our business grew, we focused on enhancing our product so every new release of VISAGE offered more specific and more relevant value. We charged everyone on our team with understanding our clients’ data analysis challenges and ensuring VISAGE addressed them. And all the while we worked hard to keep the product affordable and make it quick to implement.

Of course, that still wasn’t enough.

We were always restless to add more value with visual data analytics. That meant we needed to get smarter about how analyses could be approached and executed. We started developing original techniques for performing operational analyses.

One of our key realizations was that to offer the deepest possible capabilities, analytics shouldn’t be focused on the final destination… they should be focused on the individual segments of the journey. Each step of the journey should lead to an insight or key milestone, which should in turn determine the direction of the next step of the journey.

This was the basis for what we now call “discovery analytics”. Discovery analytics is a sequence of explorations, each predicated on the insights of the previous exploration. Discovery analytics, empowered by dynamic workflows, lets you cut a path through the data and point your evolving analysis in whatever direction your insights take you.

This was our solution to a problem we saw in other “data exploration” tools. While they let you explore data, it is only within the bounds of how the visualization was built and limited by the technical and domain expertise of its creator. Discovery analytics lets you go wherever the data and insights lead you.

All this learning and innovation led us to a gratifying moment in 2011, when we were awarded a Technology Stars award for Best Exploration Technology.

We’d made incredible headway in a very short time.

In just five years, a tiny Canadian tech startup had found its way into the good graces of one of the world’s largest, most profitable industries.


In 2015, nearly a quarter of a million charts and reports were run on VISAGE software. Millions of operational and capital dollars had been saved as a result of decisions made possible by our product. Our client base collectively accounted for over half of Canada’s Oil & Gas production.

Remarkably, 2015 was also the year we hired our first dedicated sales professional. Our product had expanded across the Canadian energy sector almost entirely by word-of-mouth. In some ways, that remains our company’s greatest achievement.

As the calendar turned to 2016, we decided it was time for Visage Information Solutions to spread that word further, to the U.S. oil & gas industry, and to new industries struggling with similar analytical challenges.

That demanded a change: a fresh name and a fresh look to match fresh aspirations. Today we unveil Verdazo Analytics and its flagship product VERDAZO. The name has changed but at the heart of the company is the same technology and the same impulse from years ago: to use visual data analytics to do things better, smarter and faster.

This has been our journey up until now.

We’re ready for the next decade of growth and innovation.