Announcing VISAGE 2014!

November 4, 2013 by

Editor’s Note: While VISAGE rebranded to VERDAZO in April 2016, we haven’t changed the VISAGE name in our previous blog posts. We’re proud of our decade of work as VISAGE and that lives on within these blogs. Enjoy.

Announcing VISAGE 2014

We are very excited to announce the release of VISAGE 2014, the new version of our analytics software that brings you better performance, enhanced usability, and new workflow capabilities for analyzing oil and gas data.

We’ve invited some of our favourite people to help us celebrate on November 19. We look forward to seeing our clients and valued partners—software vendors, data vendors, consulting firms and industry thought leaders—as we launch VISAGE 2014. Contact us for your invitation to join us on the 19th.

Quite literally, VISAGE 2014 provides thousands of ways to examine data and generate more sophisticated analyses to help you make better decisions and increase your competitive edge.

We’re also pleased to introduce V-Broadcast, a new tool to automatically generate and distribute the right information and analyses to the right people, saving time and supporting faster and better decision-making. Who doesn’t want to spend less time creating and distributing reports and charts? We think you’re going to like V-Broadcast and we’re happy to offer a free trial period of this new automated software when you update to VISAGE 2014 (which you can do instantly, and at no cost).