Pason acquires Verdazo Analytics

January 4, 2017 by

At Verdazo Analytics, we’ve always been a product of what we’ve been able to learn from our clients. The advancements in our VERDAZO product, services and methodologies have all been inspired and informed by the partnerships we’ve built over the last 10 years and our ‘crowdsourced’ approach to innovation.

As of today, we’re embarking on our biggest business journey to date.

I’m excited to announce that Verdazo Analytics has been acquired by Pason Systems Inc. Calgary-based Pason is a technology company offering fully integrated drilling data solutions, enabling users to collect, manage, report and analyze drilling data in order to optimize the performance and the cost-efficiency of their drilling activities.

As part of the acquisition, we will continue to run Verdazo Analytics as a standalone wholly owned subsidiary of Pason. Our clients will have the same team working with them day-to-day.

We will be collaborating regularly with Pason, very much in line with how we’ve collaborated with our clients in the past. We expect to learn a ton from them and build that intelligence right back into our business and our product. We’ll also benefit from Pason’s expansive reach into the U.S. market, where we’ll be helping even more companies make smarter, faster decisions.

This is a major milestone for all of us at Verdazo Analytics.

It also sets up some exciting developments for our mutual clients.

A coming-of-age for drilling analytics

Anyone who knows me knows that I get excited at expanding the sophistication and reach of data analytics. I am a self-professed analytics nerd. That’s why I’m so passionate about the possibilities created by our partnership with Pason and the advancements we can make together. Pason has deep technical abilities focused on the collection, movement and storage of massive amounts of data. That’s technical know-how we can leverage to help deliver faster and better data-driven insights.

Our mutual clients will eventually have access to a broader range and depth of analyses than ever before. Pason’s depth of drilling data will round out our offering for oil & gas. We’ll be able to incorporate your drilling, completions, production, financial and planning information into our VERDAZO product. We’ll have the most comprehensive ‘spud to abandonment’ analytics solution in the entire industry.

What happens next?

The same thing that always happens.

We work together to get better.

Starting early this year, we’ll be collaborating with our clients to establish drilling best practices and design our analytics accelerator for your secure data stored in the Pason DataHub. We’ll be reaching out directly to a sample of our clients and Pason’s clients to get this process started and to make sure we’re building the smartest, most effective tools we can imagine.

Feel free to contact any of us at Verdazo Analytics to discuss the acquisition or any other questions you might have. We never take for granted the fact that we’ve built our business in partnership with all our clients, from the early adopters who took a chance on us ten years ago to those who we’re just meeting today. Your ongoing collaboration and support mean the world to us.