Visage Information Solutions rebrands to Verdazo Analytics

April 7, 2016 by

Visual data analytics pioneer in Oil & Gas plans expansion into U.S. market, other verticals under new name

Calgary, Alberta — Bertrand Groulx, Co-Founder and President, today announced the rebrand of Visage Information Solutions to Verdazo Analytics. The company’s flagship product, formerly known as VISAGE, has been rebranded as VERDAZO. Verdazo Analytics provides visual data analytics software to enterprises looking to make smarter, faster decisions by revealing the hidden insights in data. The company’s new website can be found at

Visage Information Solutions was founded in Calgary in 2006 and over a decade built a client base that accounts for over half of Canada’s Oil & Gas production. The company defined the discovery analytics space for the Canadian energy industry and was recognized for its achievements with a 2011 Technology Stars award for Best Exploration Technology. The company has been widely recognized as an industry steward, pioneering the tools and techniques used for operational analyses. In 2015 nearly a quarter of a million charts and reports were run on the company’s software.

“I’m especially proud of the fact that we did it all without a dedicated sales force,” said Groulx. “Our success has always been built on getting our software right by learning from our clients and embedding their wisdom into the product. After that, it’s all just been word-of-mouth.”

The rebrand was triggered by Verdazo Analytics’ expansion into both the U.S. Oil & Gas market and new verticals that can make use of its proprietary approach to visual data analysis.

“We know that all industries face the same challenges with respect to data analysis, from the frontline user of the software to the buyer in IT to the executive concerned about operational efficiencies,” said Groulx. “We look forward to partnering with all of them to expand their visual analysis capacity and capabilities.”

The VERDAZO software delivers value from day one, offering business users the visual analysis tools, pre-built templates and custom reports they need to perform and present sophisticated analyses.

“VERDAZO is simultaneously a summation of all we’ve done and learned over the last ten years and a launch pad for the next phase of our work,” said Groulx. “We can’t wait to get started.”

Verdazo Analytics will continue to offer an array of consulting, data integration, custom configuration and training services to clients looking to maximize their investments in visual data analytics.

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Verdazo Analytics helps companies make smarter, faster decisions. VERDAZO software reveals the hidden insights in complex data through visual analysis tools, pre-built templates, custom reports and its dynamic discovery analytics workflows. Business users will be doing effective analysis on nearly any data source within minutes of getting set up. Verdazo Analytics: the leader in discovery analytics software. Learn more at

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