VISAGE’s Loonie Approach to YYC Tech Gives

December 10, 2012 by

Editor’s Note: While VISAGE rebranded to VERDAZO in April 2016, we haven’t changed the VISAGE name in our previous blog posts. We’re proud of our decade of work as VISAGE and that lives on within these blogs. Enjoy.

VISAGE had a great time at the YYC Tech Gives Foodbank Challenge last week – thanks for making it happen! This year, we’ve adopted a loonie approach for supporting the food bank. When trying to determine “how much should we give to the Food Bank?“, the VISAGE team came up with a metric that serves as a challenge to other companies. We have donated $1 for every day of the year, for every employee, which rounds up to a contribution of $3,000 for 2012. Care to match us?

Thanks again for everyone’s efforts this year!